An introduction to Modern Energy

Modern Energy is a boutique consultancy with a strong focus on high quality wind resource analyses and site suitability studies. We consider our detailed knowledge and know-how from all aspects of flow modelling to turbine response, which has been gathered from numerous years of experience, to be our strongest competitive advantage. Modern Energy has highly skilled employees with experience from some of the largest and most complex sites in Europe, both on and offshore, with in-depth knowledge of ice performance in Scandinavia.

Regardless of whether you are a developer, lender, operator or investor, we focus on giving you the most accurate analysis using sophisticated methods for both pre- and post construction estimates. In particular we have noticed that site suitability, load assessment and turbine performance are often neglected and/or not fully understood in many wind farm assessments. We have developed high fidelity in-house tools to capture the true physics of turbine performance due to local flow conditions at turbine level. These enable us to include the effects of local turbine performance and loading in all stages of wind farm analyses from layout optimization to post-construction yield assessments.