About us

Karlstad Modern Energy AB is a boutique consultancy firm founded and operated by Niklas Sondell and Rolf-Erik Keck. Together Niklas and Rolf-Erik have 30 years´ experience of technical calculations from the wind industry ranging from turbine performance & profile aerodynamics to full wind farm optimization & post-construction analysis. For more information about our previous experiences see our resumes below:

We at Karlstad Modern Energy pride ourselves on delivering the most accurate analyses possible in all stages of a wind farm lifespan. We strive to achieve this by employing thorough data analysis and state-of-the-art flow modelling, in combination with our high-fidelity in-house analysis tool to capture the true physics of turbine performance due to site specific flow conditions. For more details see our Services and Methodology sections.

Our aim is to be a trusted partner in all stages of wind farm development, due diligence as well as post-construction analysis and optimization.